Spartans Scouting Report.... Sunday 1/4 tourney
Coming into the Holiday Tournament in Baruch JHS.. I had high expectations for the Brooklyn Spartans. 1) To see where we are after the last game which was over a month ago. 2) To see if this team is "Real" or "Fake". Overall do these guys have what it takes to win the big one!!

So here is a look at what this tournament thaught us.

The Brooklyn Spartans are looking to get some cobwebs out after a long break of no games. Coming into this tournament the Spartans are trying to stop a 2 game losing streak. The Spartans coming into this tournament was ranked in the following:

1 Manhasset
2 Brooklyn Spartans
3 Pro Level
4 Midwood Ryders

In game 1 vs. Manhasset, the Spartans have never in their history won their entry game. So it did not surprise you that they would lose. What may surprise you is that unlike their looses which end up in blowouts, they actually were in the game and had a 6 point lead with 2 minutes remaing in the 4th qtr to a team that was rank #1. In Spartan fashion is where they lost. Instead of the team holding the ball in the remaining minutes with no shot clock, Ray decides to take it up and missed the layup. Manhasset takes it up, score, Spartan lead cuts to 4. So Manhasset preassures the ball and again the team has problems with the entry. When the ball recieved Ray gets pushed by a Manhasset player, he drops the ball out of bounce thinking the referee gives him the call. As a result turnover, Manhasset scores 2, lead cut to 2. Inbound ball the game and Kareem turnover the ball in the inbound, Manhasset scores and game is tied. Again with the pressure on the inbound, the ball is turnonver they take a 2 point lead. If any Spartan fan knows this means trouble. The Spartans have failed in consistant games to loose the lead in the 4th or in overtime (last months game where the Spartans gave up 7 turnovers in overtime to loose to Pro Level) . So the Spartans have to intentionally foul and Manhasset misses one and hits the second. Now Manhasset has a 3 point lead. So with less then 18 seconds remaining and all the Spartans need is a 3 to tie, the Spartans inbound and at midcourt Mathew turnovers the ball. As a result the Spartans loose to Manhasset 44 - 49.

This game put an exclaimation point to what this the team stand for. Without key players Leslie (personal affairs) and Rudy (personal affairs), and no bench, the Spartans made a good comeback trailing throughout the whole game but fell flat. The Player of the Game was Kareem with 12pts, 6 rebs, 1 block, 4 steals, 3 steals, and 2 turnovers. They were also led by Curtis 16 pts, 4 Rebs and Ray 10 pts, 15 Rebs.

So lets give out the grades:

Offense C +: This is the first time the Spartans have had 3 players score more then 10pts in the game which means the ball is being distributed around. However the Spartans are still not creating more foul oppertunities thru dribble penitration or taking better shots. The low post has become non -existant. The Spartans continue to make poor shot selections and decissions especially with their new big 3 and missing key free throws are things that will prevent a good team to becoming

Defense C +: Give credit to the Spartans switching to man defense which allowed them to stay with Manhassett. Post defense still needs improvement if they want to become an elite team
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Brooklyn Spartans Are Now Online
September 29, 2008

The Brooklyn Spartans Boys Basketball Team can now be reached on the web. The team has announced their new trial websites. The trial websites will be active for the remainder of the preseason. The team will vote on their official site prior to their first regular season game. So why does the team need a website?
“The website will allow easy access to our players, parents, friends, and supporters, access to our team’s schedule, practices, and fundraising events“ according to Head Coach Bentley Thompson. “The website will also contain roster, player statistics, and an interactive forum on various basketball and non – basketball topics which is good news for everyone. Anything relating to the team can now be found online”.
The websites are currently online but are under construction. You can check out this and the other websites and vote on the following URL sites located below:

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